5 Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website


Your website is an online marketing tool for your business. If your website is up for more than a year, perhaps, you may have launched new products & services. Or, you may experience changes in your business operations. If so, you may need to update or completely redesign your website. Here, I would point out the 5 reasons why you may need to redesign your website.

Why You Need to Redesign Your Website?

Reason #1 – Your website is outdated

It could be that you have many outdated contents on your website because you don’t understand the importance or do not have the awareness of the importance of updating your website or the technology used to run your website has already become obsolete. This includes Flash Contents which is quite popular in the past. Your website visitors do not like to read contents that are outdated especially if the contents are time sensitive. For example, ‘The Pricing for Our Products & Services is last Updated in 2010’.

Reason #2: Your website lacks content

There are several things you may consider:

  • Does your website describe what your business is about?
  • Are the contents for your products and services marketable?
  • Do they attract customers?
  • Are your customers well-informed about your products & services?
  • Can your visitors find your contact details easily?

Reason #3 – About the Graphics

Visual content is what makes your website attractive. It is able to convey your message better than text. Without graphics, your website will look dull and boring. Here are some of things to consider:

  • Are the graphics presented in your website appealing?
  • Are they related to your business?
  • Are they customised to your products & services?
  • Are your graphics outdated?
  • Do you use high resolution graphics?

Reason #4 – Your website is not mobile friendly

To grow your reach of customers, it is important to have a responsive website which is able to be scaled to fit in different types of screens. They include desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. In addition, a responsive website will boost your website’s search engine results as Google checks on the mobile-friendly features of a website. An important aspect that all business owners must understand is that most people would get your business information or do a background check about your company through the website and majority of them will check from their phone. This is especially true for cases where you have met a potential client at a conference. If the person is interesting, you would immediately check their company website via your phone browser. Now, imagine this from the perspective of your potential client? How would they feel if they land on a 2010 website?

Reason #5 – Your business direction has changed

This is a common reason where you have a change of business direction. Businesses evolves through time to stay relevant & competitive, sometimes businesses has have to pivot when their existing business is no longer relevant or competitive. Sometimes a business gone through rebranding and the overall outlook of the old website is no longer resonate with the new brand. All business should not assume the website does not need update. If any business thinks this way, it would only mean they have not grown enough to have the logical understanding that the website and the business are one and that the business is alive, so does the website. Therefore, they needs to be updated from time to time so that the website visitors (or the potential customers) can get the latest & relevant information about the business.

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