Comparison Between Open Source E-Commerce Platform in Malaysia

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There are many open source e-commerce platform that enables you to start your business online. Open source platform is available for free, you can download and modify them, so if you prefer to do it yourself, all you need is to invest time rather than money. However, if you have no clue on how to do it, you might need to consider hiring somebody to do it for you.

We also compiled some information & comparison for payment solution commonly used in Malaysia. It is recommended to look into payment solution information before starting an e-commerce store, since you would need to consider the cost of subscribing payment solution and to start your online transactions.

Now, let’s dive into few open source e-commerce that commonly use in Malaysia. What are they? What’s the difference between them?

#1 – Magento


Magento offers a lot of features and flexibility. It is capable of handling all scales of business – from small to large enterprise. On the right hand, it is able to create beautiful and feature-rich website. However, it requires much more resources to run compared to other platform. Magento is very much intended for expert programmers.

Magento comes with two versions – Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Community Edition is free while Enterprise Edition is not. Both offer many similarities, except for certain elements: Developer Support, Return Handling, Performance (Enterprise builds to handle large catalog), Advance Search.

Finding Magento developers or support for Magento shouldn’t be big issue since it is supported by large community.

Magento Introduction Video

#2 – WooCommerce


WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress, which enable WordPress powered website to become an online store. WooCommerce is acquired by Automattic, the company which makes WordPress.

It is easy to install, flexible and feature-rich. If you are familiar with WordPress, then WooCommerce should be easy for you. It requires some technical skill if you want to have many customization. However, many features (plugins) and the theme are available which is developed by the community.

Also the community support for WooCommerce is huge, which can ensure bug free, easily smooth out problems and obtain advice.

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WooCommerce Introduction Video

#3 – OpenCart


OpenCart is easy and straightforward for its user. Even the build-in features are not as much as Magento, it is enough to run online business and require less resources to power up. It is easy to install and configure.

Community support for OpenCart is large, you can get various support in term of bugs, problem with the platform and others. OpenCart plugins and themes are available everywhere and quite considerable amount of it.

If you are trying your hand with setting up your first online store, without or little technical knowledge, OpenCart may be one of the suitable choice for you.

OpenCart Introduction Video

#4 – PrestaShop


PrestaShop offers user-friendly interface and it is easy to install and configure. Most of hosting company allows you to install it by one-click button and you are ready to customize your store. Various build-in features that support your online business such as product management, analytics, reporting, taxes, payment, shipping and many others.

PrestaShop has been around the market for quite long, the community is quite large, so you most likely able to find support, themes and plugins you need.

PrestaShop is also one of the platform to try if you have little or no technical knowledge.

PrestaShop Introduction Video

magento table logowoocommerce table logoopencart table logoprestashop logo table
Release DateMarch 2008201120102007 August
Plugins / ModulesYes Yes Yes Yes
Responsive ThemeYesYesYesYes
Theme Available700+ (
600+ (
300+ (
500+ (
600+ (
450+ (
1000+ (
450+ (
Plugins AvailableMagento Marketplace
300+ WooCommerce Extensions
13000+ OpenCart Extensions
PrestaShop Marketplace
CreatorVarienWooThemesOpenCart Ltd.PrestaShop SA
Paypal IntegrationYesExtensionExtensionExtension
iPay88 IntegrationExtensionExtensionExtensionExtension
Multi-LanguageYesExtension Yes Yes
Multi-CurrencyYes – Require Some CodingExtensionExtensionExtension
Technical Knowledge RequiredHighMediumLittleLittle
Shared-Server HostingNot RecommendedYes Yes Yes
Business SizeAny SizeSmall-MediumSmall-MediumSmall-Medium
Ease of InstallationModerateEasy Easy Easy
Facebook21,000+ Likes
(Magento Facebook)
42,000+ Likes (WooCommerce Facebook)4,700+ Likes (OpenCart Facebook)81,000+ Likes (PrestaShop Facebook)
Twitter64,000+ Followers
(Magento Twitter)
3,6000+ Followers (WooCommerce Twitter)2,600+ Followers (OpenCart Twitter)27,000+ Followers (PrestaShop Twitter)
Google Search Volumn
(Malaysia Only)
5090 (Jan-2016)
4200 (Feb-2016)
5220 (Mar-2016)
6650 (Jan-2016)
6170 (Feb-2016)
7370 (Mar-2016)
11460 (Jan-2016)
9450 (Feb-2016)
11300 (Mar-2016)
9140 (Jan-2016)
7470 (Feb-2016)
9300 (Mar-2016)
Ecommerce Usage in Malaysia – May 2020 (Source: builtwith)

Hopefully this article will be useful for your research. If you are finding guidance to start your e-commerce store, do contact us for consultation.

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