Payment Gateway Comparison Malaysia

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. In fact, there many payment gateway providers in Malaysia. If you are new to this, you may not have any idea which one to choose for your ecommerce website payment solution.

We have gathered information from some of the Most Common Payment Gateway Service Providers in Malaysia so that you can use the information to decide which is the most suitable package for your business.

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Comparison between Payment Gateway Service Providers In Malaysia


Setup Fee Startup*: RM1,388

SME*: RM2,088

*Subjected to tax

Lite: RM499

Premium: RM400

Plan 1*: On-boarding Fee: RM499

Plan 2*: On-boarding Fee RM5,000

*Subjected to tax

Annual FeeStartup*: N/A

SME*: RM500

*Subjected to tax

Lite: RM99 (waived for the 1st year)

Premium: RM499

Plan 1*: RM25.00 per month (T&C applies)

Plan 2*: RM599
(waived if sales exceed RM180k per year)

*Subjected to tax

One-Time Credit Card Application FeeRM900* (waived for limited time: please confirm with service provider)

*Subjected to tax

RM900 (waived for limited time: please confirm with service provider)FreeFree
Credit Card Transaction FeeStartup*: 3.2%

SME*: 2.8%

*Subjected to tax

Lite: 3.8%

Premium: 2.4%

Plan 1*: 2.5%

Plan 2*: 2.0%

*Subjected to tax

Malaysia: 3.9% + RM 2.00

Overseas: 4.4% + RM 2.00

Online Banking Transaction FeeStartup*: 3.2% or min RM0.60
(whichever is higher)

SME*: 2.8% or min RM0.60
(whichever is higher)

*Subjected to tax

Debit card: Startup: 2.8%; SME: 2.5%

Lite: 3.8% or min RM0.60 (whichever is higher)

Premium: 2.4% or min RM0.80 (whichever is higher)

Plan 1*: 2.5% or min RM0.50,
(whichever is higher)

Plan 2*: 2.0% or min RM0.50,
(whichever is higher)

*Subjected to tax

e-WalletBoost: 0% (valid for promotion period only)

VCash: 1.2%

Boost & MCash*: 0.5% per transaction

*Subjected to tax

Business Registration RequirementYesYesYesNo
Types of Credit CardVisa, MastercardVisa, MastercardVisa, MastercardVisa, Mastercard,
American Express,
Discover Network
Receive PaymentWeekly transfer to bank accountWeekly transfer to bank accountWeekly transfer to bank accountDirect withdrawal to
local bank
Application Approval TimeCredit Card: within 2 months

Online Banking:
7 – 14 working days

Credit Card: within 2 months

Online Banking: 3-5 working days

Credit Card: within 2 months

Online Banking:
7 – 14 working days

Credit Card:
2 months
Minimum Withdrawal SumStartup: RM100

SME: RM100

Lite*: RM100 (*RM2 per settlement)

Premium: RM100

Plan 1: RM100

Plan 2: RM100


More Info

Additional Features7-Eleven (MOLPay Cash): Yes

B-Infinate (Loyalty Program): Yes

Please consult eGHL consultant
to find out more about eNets,
THAI DEBIT, CUP, Alipay and etc,

*Please be informed that the payment gateway comparison table above is for reference purposes only as the information may be different from the date of publish and we do not guarantee on the accuracy of the information shared. You are advised to check the information from the payment gateway providers either through their website or contact them directly or drop us an e-mail at [email protected] if you have any inquiry about the payment gateway packages. We can connect you to the respective sales representative.

Tips: You should contact the respective service provider to find out if there are any on-going promotion! 🙂

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Last updated on 16 April 2019.

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