Machines Don’t Take Away Our Jobs

Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

Machines Don’t Take Away Our Jobs

We (humans) gave it to them.

In fact, those who wants humanity to progress forward and those who refused to grow, and progress are the ones who gave the jobs to the machines. Especially from the perspective of a business, it is the most efficient way to remain competitive and to grow.

“There are still many more things that machines can do better than us by many folds…”

While we can do many things. There are still many more things that machines can do better than us by many folds. I meant processes, data collection and compilation. Besides, having a person to do repetitive work is never a good for that person’s future and development don’t you think so too?

I think to move forward, we need machines to take on those boring roles. But we as human beings must be given the sole and ultimate power on decision making (major decision) using the analytical data compiled by machines (yes, it is not a must to follow the recommendation by the machines). Machines may be given some basic decision-making authority on certain tasks so long it doesn’t risk any person’s life.

Humans have limits…

Humans have processing & physical limits. But together with the machines, we can remove that “limiter” and make us far superior than we are compared to 100 years ago. We need the machines to help us achieve quantum leap in term of our growth and possibly help us accelerate our evolution. We can do more with our life!

I believe the next generation of human would be able to live a longer and healthier life. In my lifetime, I might be able to witness the day where someone unlock the key to prolong our life expectancy beyond 100 years old and we are still able to enjoy an active healthy life. In my lifetime, I might be able to witness the genetic enhanced human. Perhaps we who has already born into this world may be equipped with some tech to help us move or support our life. The future generation may age slower, they may be many times healthier and stronger than us. I am always a dreamer, I imagined how the future can look like, the multiple version of it. This is a little bit science fiction, I guess? It’s a possible future considering how far we have come in just a mere 20-30 years since the 80’s. But let’s not go further on this.

The point of this article is to highlight the need for everyone to acquire the power to program/command machines. At least the basics skill to control the machines through basic programming or know a little bit about technology. Knowing these, you may be able to contribute more to your company from innovation perspective. No doubt it takes time and commitment to acquire these skills or to research more on technology (relevant to your industry). Perhaps we may not need to do complex coding, we just need to know how to ask the right questions.

Photo by Branko Stancevic on Unsplash

“Acquiring these skills is possible today…”

Acquiring these skills is possible today. We all can learn new things through the internet. There are so many educational contents that are created by people around the world. Thank you, noble hearted people!

Basically, you can now expand your skill sets across multiple fields throughout your lifetime. Don’t think that is possible? Have you heard of people who graduated as business admin but end up working in a non-related field? Ring the bells?

Don’t underestimate the human’s ability to expand our skillets and knowledge, what we have is a lifetime to do it, never to late. If you think you can’t, you can’t and wait for the day you fall behind everyone.

If you have read the biography of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, the legend. You will know Walmart has been constantly investing in technology and evolving over the years. They never stop!
Machines can make life better for us. It was meant to make us better and let us focus on important things in life.

“The education system needs a major upgrade…”

The education system needs a major upgrade. I think soon, it should prepare us for higher level work, it should train us to control machines, understand machines’ capabilities, to make decisions (also understanding the consequences), accelerate learning to enable us to acquire more knowledge, improve our moral value through social activities and make us understand that we can do more with our life.

I have this strong feeling that I must acquire the ability to communicate with machines, to program and slowly expand the skills in the coming years. This is just my personal thoughts. I meant well, I think humans should be above machines because we have real emotions and we feel. If machines are above us, the questions are “what is the ultimate purpose of a machine?
Time will tell.

This article is solely the opinion of the guest author. It is just his thought about the world today and soon.