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We build custom web system to suit client’s needs and apply it in their business environment.

We can assist in digitizing your business, bringing in new solution into your company or open online business for your company.

We give consultation for free, no money will be taken until the project is initiated. We make sure what we proposed is affordable & within your budget.

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Global Internet Users


Malaysia Population


Malaysia Online Users

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Digitize your business operation. Reduce the cost of printing materials.

Improved Efficiency

Manage your operation faster and produce better result with web system.


Reduce the hassle and automate certain routine, increase the effectiveness of your business operation.


Available to be accessed anytime and anywhere.


Customized Based on Business Environment

Customer Management System

Too much customer information, I am looking for ways to increase my effectiveness.

Input/Import all your customer information into the system. The system will able to tell you a lot information which enable you to analyze it, plan & perform any necessary actions to keep your customer satisfied.

Employee Management System

How to manage my employee although I often not at office?

Keep all employee information in the system. Enable employee to enjoy the benefit of this system by allowing them to submit daily report, e-claim, e-leave and any other e-form. The employer can keep track on employee actions, performance and forms submission through the web application.

Survey System

I want to collect information anywhere I want to be.

Customize the survey, according to your requirements. Display it in event booth, counter or anywhere that you want it to be displayed. Allow customer to input their feedback in the survey you had prepared. The administrator able to view all the feedback provided by customers, view statistics and generate reports.

Student Management System

My students are growing in numbers, I want something to keep track & manage them.

Input/Import all students’ information into the system. Keep track of subject taken by students, students’ attendance & students test performance. Based on all the information provided, system able to show you statistic such as: most popular to the least popular subject taken, amount of students in each subject, overall test performance in each subject and other information. Enable the students to access the system to view their personal information.

Booking System

I own a cafe, I want to allow my customer to book online or through phone.

The system allows your customer to make their reservation online. If done through phone call, the administrator can manually input the reservation information into the system. SMS or email notification will be send to the customer upon successful reservation. Allow you to keep track on every reservation done, manage your cafe & staffs depending on the reservation requirements.

Transactions & Reportings

Many paper written transactions, I scare it lost it.

Input/Import all your transaction details into the system. Never worry about losing your information, the system can do frequent backup for your data. Additionally the system able to generate statistics & reports to enable you or your employee to have quick access to figures and do your business planning. Data is organized & sorted according to your needs. Searching for information is just one click button away, without wasting so much time searching through your files or papers.

Online Billing System

Property Management System

Point Management System

Agent Management System

Event Micro-site

& many more

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