BINA Digital Offers Online Courses For SMEs In Malaysia

RedBeat Academy (AirAsia Group’s corporate venture arm) in collaboration with Google, has announced its new BINA Digital development programme targeting to help Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia to get started, build and grow their online presence, and enhance their ability to maintain sustainable business expansion and growth.

Participants will learn from instructors from RedBeat AcademyGoogle and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).


One-stop tech, leadership and innovation academy aiming to be a catalyst to leverage resources in this new age digital economy within the region.

RedBeat Academy is a collaboration between AirAsia Group’s corporate venture arm, RedBeat Ventures, with Google.


The Bina Basic programme is a specialized introductory level program structured to introduce and guide SME’s and new business starters.

It is comprised of the free Webinar beginner courses:

  • The BINA Basic Programme (which will waive fees for the first 240 SME participants), and;
  • BINA Advanced Programme, a five-week course with a nominal fee of RM100 per participant.

Points to note: It is FREE for first 240 pax (RM20.00 registration fee thereafter – basic programme), it is available for online sessions only and limited to 1 pax per company.

Things you will learn include introduction to ecommerce, accounting 101, photography, web development, digital marketing and social media.

Each course is 2 hours per week. In total, 5 weeks.

Upon completion, you will be given a PDF Certificate of Achievement to prove your success when you’re eligible.

Aireen Omar, RedBeat Ventures President, explained that this was aimed at helping SMEs to digitise their businesses and acquire modern tech skill sets in response to the COVID-19 outbreak changing how business was done, and expressed confidence that the BINA digital programme would strengthen their ability to manage sustainable business expansion and growth. Watch the video clip here.

RedBeat Academy aims to raise a future-proof generation with this one-stop service in tech, leadership and innovation that will be a catalyst for the digital economy in Malaysia and ASEAN.

Find out more information or join the program at RedBeat Academy’s website.

We think the team at RedBeat Academy is doing a fantastic job helping the SMEs especially at this trying time. So do not miss this chance!

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