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Web Design and Development Company Selangor Article

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We believe that every service and solution provider, regardless of their industry, aims to give value to their clients.

Our Commitment

At Tech Strongbox, we are dedicated to contributing to the improvement of standards and work quality in the web design and development industry in Malaysia, particularly for web design companies in Selangor.

Survey Findings

Having been in the tech industry for a decade and counting, we have taken over numerous projects that were initially started by industry peers but failed to satisfy their clients (now our clients) due to mismatched expectations.

1. Boundaries Not Clearly Set by the Web Developer

Often, freelance web designers and developers in Malaysia, including some companies, overpromise to close projects quickly. Their focus on ‘sales’ and ‘profit at all costs’ rather than delivering results leads to inadequate time spent explaining to clients what they can realistically expect. They say ‘Yes’ to everything without much consideration, pushing clients into a ‘pay first, talk later’ scenario. This often results in developers requesting additional fees for custom work, which clients may not agree to because they weren’t informed initially. This common issue frequently ends with both parties in a bad position.

2. Focus on Sales Instead of Service

Competing solely on price benefits no one. If developers aren’t earning enough, they can’t invest in talent and expansion, leading to subpar products and a cycle of businesses constantly searching for reliable developers. Since 2018, the increase in web designers and developers in Malaysia has raised competition, forcing reputable developers to improve their offerings. However, the post-COVID-19 influx of freelancers and new companies has emphasized price over value. For example, developers offering RM299.00 for unlimited pages can’t sustain quality service long-term, as even an Elementor license costs USD59.00 per year (verify here).

Many low-cost developers don’t plan for long-term collaboration, leading to potential disputes over hidden costs. SMBs should view low rates as a red flag and invest time in understanding the return on their investment. Remember, the website represents your brand and business. So, consider how much your business is worth when choosing a developer.

Serving Agencies in Malaysia and Overseas

Tech Strongbox is a tech company that serves the following agencies in Malaysia and overseas:

  1. Branding agencies
  2. Marketing agencies
  3. Social media agencies
  4. Creative agencies
  5. PR agencies
  6. Web development companies

We Prioritize Collaboration Over Competition

We don’t see other web solution companies as our competitors. Since incorporation, we have been serving some of the web development companies in Malaysia and other agencies as an outsourced tech team.

Our Partnership Approach

We welcome any agencies to collaborate with us. This collaboration allows agencies to focus on solution design, product development, and portfolio expansion while we handle development and knowledge transfer.

List of Web Design and Development Companies in Selangor

Name: Mices Technology
Google review (17 June 2024): 3.7 stars
Base: Selangor
Short description: Established in 2001, MICES Technology Sdn Bhd is specialized in eCommerce solutions and system integration based on open source solutions, we helps SME/SMI to grow their business online, through the setup of shopping cart solution, and synchronize the information with WMS, POS System, Accounting software via API integration.

Name: Tech Strongbox
Google review (17 June 2024): 5 stars
Base: Selangor
Short description: We have been serving Malaysian and overseas businesses of all sizes for over 9 years with successful track records in making positive contributions to our client’s business. Back in 2014, we found many Malaysian SMEs do not have a website. Companies with websites are majority outdated. It shows that these SMEs do not know how to use their website to generate leads & sales. It’s a loss of potential revenue.

We believe there is a huge potential for Malaysian Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow further with the use of a website. We are blessed to have awesome clients whom we have worked with for many years, and we are incredibly happy to have made a positive contribution to their business. Read more: About Us

Name: Dreamztech
Google review (17 June 2024): 4.9 stars
Base: Selangor
Short description: Dreamztech founded in 2009. Dreamztech is a performance based Web Design Company & Web Development Company in Selangor for more than 13 years. We do serve more than 3000 customers with our web design & web development services in Selangor and across Malaysia.

Name: Webz
Google review (17 June 2024): 5 stars
Base: Selangor
Short description: With more than 18 years in business, we’re one of the most experienced web design and marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, malaysia.

Name: WDD
Google review (17 June 2024): 3.7 stars
Base: Selangor
Short description: As a battle-hardened Web Design Company, we specialise in crafting creative, secure, and high-performance websites. Our expertise caters to brands and businesses eager to boost their digital presence in today’s rapidly growing economy.

Name: Maximus
Google review (17 June 2024): 4.3 stars
Base: Selangor
Short description: Maximus System Solutions Sdn Bhd is a leading Web development services and digital company in Malaysia. We have experiences in SEO Malaysia since year 2003. We provide dynamic web development solutions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for organizations of any size.

We hope this listing saves you time in searching for web developers in Malaysia. There are many other excellent web solution providers we haven’t included. If you know any reliable web design and development companies in Malaysia, please share them with us at contact us.

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